Some of the most glorious property designs come about when old meets new. Rustic 18th-century barns – complete with stone walls, low beams and farmyard surroundings – can be given a new lease of life when converted into living spaces and complemented with large floor-to-ceiling windows (and often gable windows in the roof) that let natural light flood in. Similarly, Victorian townhouses can be beautifully modernised through the addition of glass extensions, producing an attractive contrast of period brickwork and sleek contemporary living. As long as you have planning permission to update your home, there is certainly no reason why traditional properties cannot be blended with well-chosen modern windows. 

Blending window styles for your chartacter homeChoose windows that complement the property

While updating a period or traditional-style property with contemporary windows can look stunning if done well, it is important that you take care over which windows you choose. As with all home improvements, the key to a charming blend of old and new is to keep the property’s original character in mind and build upon it with your renovations.

For example, if the house is Georgian, then the original windows will likely feature Georgian bars – timber strips that are used to hold together small panes of glass to give the impression of one big window – and this is a trait that your contemporary windows can maintain. Using an energy-efficient timber alternative, you can create windows that perfectly capture the modern, airy feel you want to achieve, but that feature modern glazing bars to make a nod towards the Georgian architecture that inspired them.

Pick up on existing colours and shapes

If you want to bring your traditional property into the 21st century, while still retaining its original charm, then you could choose to work with colours and shapes that are already used within the property. When picking colours for the window frames, look at the tones of the stones, bricks or other building materials on the house, and find colours that complement these. Alternatively, you might want windows that make a statement with bold colours like vibrant yellows or sea blues! If your property has distinctive features like arches or gables, see if you can bring out these aspects with your choice of windows. Doing so will ensure that the traditional and contemporary parts are all blended together beautifully.

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