Autumn is well and truly here, and winter is definitely on its way. The evenings are drawing in, the mornings are darker, and there is a noticeable chill in the air that means coats and scarves will soon be necessary! As the weather gets colder, it is an ideal time to put plans in place to replace your property’s windows before the winter months kick in. Whether you’re a homeowner or a tradesperson, there are many benefits to replacing windows in autumn.

Replacement double glazing in Mitcham

The beauty of autumn is a reminder it’s a good time to replace double glazing

Warm, energy-efficient properties

Surviving the winter months with draughty or less-than-efficient windows is not ideal. The windows in a property are instrumental in keeping it warm, comfortable and free from cold spots. As well as stopping cold air from entering the property, efficient windows prevent any heat from escaping. If a home has inefficient windows, then you will probably have to have expensive heating on all the time, meaning your energy bills will be high. Replacing your windows in autumn will boost the property’s energy-efficiency in plenty of time for winter.

This is especially the case for period properties with single glazing. Without the insulation provided by double- and triple-glazing (as in, layers of glass and air), single glazing lets heat pass through it easily, meaning period homes are often cold and draughty. If double glazing is not permitted due to planning permission restrictions, then secondary glazing could be installed efficiently this autumn instead.

Protect your windows against winter weather

If a property’s windows are old, worn or damaged – perhaps because they are original windows made from timber – then they should be replaced in autumn to avoid any risk of further damage. Ice, snow, rain and freezing temperatures can cause old window frames to crack, swell or rot, resulting in gaps that let cold air flow into the home (and warm air flow out). Modern window materials are energy-efficient and resistant to the impact of weather, so autumn is the perfect time to make sure the best window frame materials are in place.

On top of all this, the autumn and winter months are generally a little quieter on the home improvements front, so you may find that you are able to get your property’s windows replaced more quickly than you would during the busy spring and summer months.

Here at Your Price Windows, we manufacture and supply a wide range of energy-efficient windows, and can supply them in time for winter. If you live or manage a property in Burgess Hill, Hertfordshire, Hove or Croydon, contact us today for a free, no-obligation quotation.