Leaded windows are a beautiful addition to period and contemporary homes alike. They add texture, intrigue and character. Traditionally, leaded windows were made using wrought iron bars that joined together small pieces of glass to form the window. This is because, before industrial window-making processes were invented, it was too expensive and hard to form big sheets of glass. Nowadays, modern windows are often made in the leaded style, taking inspiration from period windows and instilling them with all the benefits of modern technology, such as good security, easy maintenance and excellent thermal efficiency.

Window leading installation guide: benefits, designs & expert adviceCommon shapes for window leading

You can find leaded windows in a variety of different styles. Common shapes are squares (which were popular in the Georgian era) and diamonds (which are typical of Elizabethan properties), but there are other classic designs that are more intricate. The Queen Anne and Queen Caroline styles consist of diamonds in the centre of a square pattern, and designs like Cleveland, Northumberland and Cumberland have a plain area of glass in the middle with the leading pattern round the edge. Gothic and Regency styles of leading are also popular.

Ideal materials for leaded windows

Traditionally, leaded windows would have had timber frames, as this was the only window material available. Nowadays, leaded windows can be made from timber, uPVC, aluminium or a timber alternative. So, you can achieve the overall look of authentic period leaded windows while benefiting from the great performance of modern materials.

Period homes with leaded windows

Whether your home is Georgian, Elizabethan, Gothic, Regency or designed in any other period style, professional glaziers can help you look after your leaded windows. If you have found that the original windows are too draughty or are damaged, you can always consider replacing them with a like-for-like timber alternative – keeping the look that you love but adding better performance capabilities.

Astragal bars

If you want to create the style of leaded windows without installing the real thing, you could always use astragal bars. These can be fitted to the inside and outside sides of your existing windows for a period effect. Astragal bars are not to be confused with glazing bars, which are installed into the inside of the glazing unit while the window is being manufactured.

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