If a property is located on a busy road, next to a pub or bar, or near a factory or other type of building that produces lots of noise, then changes can be made to the home to reduce noise pollution and make it more soundproof. This is important for ensuring homeowners can relax properly and enjoy some peace and quiet (and the same goes for office buildings where employees need to be able to concentrate). Acoustic glass is an ideal solution for helping to lessen the impact of noise pollution within a property. Here are the features and benefits of acoustic glass to help you decide whether it is the best option for your property.

Is acoustic glass the right option to soundproof your home

Acoustic glass vs double glazing

Double glazing consists of two panes of glass with a layer of inert gas in between. Acoustic glass is similar, except that it features an acoustic interlayer between the two panes, rather than just inert gas. This is designed to enhance the soundproofing qualities of the window beyond the existing insulating qualities of the double glazing. Just like with standard glazing, additional layers can be added to enhance the soundproofing capabilities of the window – although this is only worthwhile if the thickness of the glass sheets is varied for each one.

Part of a soundproofed home

The noise reduction benefits of acoustic glass are immediately clear – especially if windows are being upgraded from single glazing, which has virtually no soundproofing ability. And the performance of acoustic windows can be enhanced even further if they are implemented as part of a home that has also been soundproofed in other ways – e.g. sealing the doors with soundproof strips or laying carpets on exposed flooring to insulate it as much as possible.

What if acoustic glass isn’t suitable?

Acoustic glass is not the only way to soundproof your home. Standard double glazing with an A rating will significantly reduce the amount of noise that creeps in through the windows, as well as making your property warmer and more energy-efficient. If you live in a period property that is protected by conservation rules (and, as such, has draughty and inefficient single glazing), then you could consider installing secondary glazing. This is a separate panel that sits inside your window so as to provide the layers of glass and air required to achieve basic soundproofing, without affecting the appearance of the original single-glazed window.

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