Bifolds aren’t the typical traditional doors you see throughout some homes. Consisting of multiple panels which fold and stack to create wide access points to internal or external areas of the home, they let in maximum light and offer great views of your outside spaces. However, while the beautiful glass panels enhance to look of any property, homeowners often want to control the amount of light coming into their rooms while maintaining privacy levels when needed. Blinds for bifolding doors are the ideal solution, but which ones are the most suitable product for this type of door? Here are some factors to consider.

Blinds for bifolding doors: Guide to finding the right bifold accessories

Choosing the Right Blinds for Bifolds

Aesthetics vs Functionality

When choosing blinds for your bifolds, it’s important to achieve a balance between products which don’t compromise the stunning aesthetics and those which maintain the functionality of the doors. While some homeowners choose traditional external blinds, it’s important to consider if this will affect how compactly each bifolding panel will stack against each other. This isn’t a suitable option for those who enjoy creating maximum access between their spaces, achieving seamless flow between specific areas of the home. For needs such as these, there’s a more practical solution available.

Internal Blinds

One of the best options is to have blinds fitted internally between the glazing sheets of the glass panels of your bifolds. This can either be completed during the manufacturing stages if you’re having new doors installed or retrofitted if you already have bifolding doors in your home. Not only do they look great and maintain the functionality of your bifolds, but they’re incredibly low maintenance too. Fitted within the glazing, the blinds remain effortlessly clean and free of damage, dust and moisture. This maintains their high quality appearance, ensuring your bifolds look exceptional for years to come.

Easy Operation

Those looking at internal blinds for bifolds sometimes worry that they won’t be able to pull up the slats if they want to create unobstructed views of their garden or let maximum light into their rooms. In fact, there are three main types of smooth operations you can choose for internal blinds, including traditional pulley-operated, solar powered and magnetic options. One of the most popular choices is an intelligent magnetic system which features two magnets for the oscillation and ‘lift and lower’ movements.

Finding Bespoke Blinds for Bifolds

Here at Your Price Windows, we manufacture, supply blinds for bifolding doors, tailoring their design and style to your needs. They’re produced to fit your door panels exactly, and we offer different operating systems to choose from. This includes electronically-controlled external blinds coming in a wide range of fabrics and beautiful internal blinds for optimum practicality. Blinds provide the ideal solution for controlling the temperature, light and views into your property.

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