Do you have composite windows in your home?

Do you have composite windows in your home?

When it comes to windows, all materials have their merits. Timber window frames are durable and low maintenance as well as aesthetically pleasing, plastic is affordable, and aluminium is a strong material, offering robust protection to window frames no matter the weather – it’s also a hard worker, insulating your home and reducing those pesky energy bills.

With benefits to every option out there, it can be hard to know which the right choice is for you. That’s where we think the big draw of composite windows lies – it’s the best of both worlds and won’t leave you having to compromise on looks or quality. Let us explain…

What are composite windows?

In brief, ‘composite’ essentially means that two or more materials have been used for your window frame. That might be a timber window that has been covered in aluminium cladding – we like to think of it as akin to that clever 50/50 bread. All the deliciousness of white bread but with the health benefits of brown!

Why choose composite?

Composite windows are widely used in harsh climates because of the durability and insulation they offer. They’ve become more and more popular in the UK over recent years as a triple-glazing solution – we know a thing or two about adverse weather conditions, after all!

Composite windows are low maintenance (a phrase we all love to hear), which means you won’t be shelling out on regular touch ups, they’re easy to clean, and installation is quick. Perhaps most important, you won’t be sacrificing on quality when you choose composite windows – instead, you’ll be investing in a product that will be long lasting. Partner them with the equally energy efficient composite doors and you’ll soon see a reduction in your energy bills.

Are they right for you?

As fantastic as all of that sounds, you might be thinking that these smart sounding windows are more suited to modern designs – and although you’d be right in thinking that they work well in newer builds, the wide variety of shapes and colours available means that more traditional properties can benefit from them as well. No matter what your home is like in terms of design, you’ll be able to profit from the practicalities of composite windows without losing any of your home’s visual appeal.

If you’re unsure which window type will be the most effective for and suited to your home, then get in touch with the team at Your Price Windows. Whether you live in Surrey or Brixton, we’ll be able to discuss your options with you and help you find a solution that works.