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Ultion Locks

There's nothing more important than the security of your London and Croydon customers' homes, which is why we're proud to partner with Ultion to offer next level locking mechanisms for total security. We've been offering supply only home improvement products for decades, and we'll always prioritise security performance.

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Ultion Locks

Our full range of Ultion locks are well renowned for their security, so you can be assured that you’re choosing a lock that stands up to the task for your London and Croydon customers. Ultion have undertaken rigorous testing and use innovative designs to ensure that these locks don’t just meet accreditation criteria, but exceed them.

Whilst the majority of standard 3 star locks undergo around 100,000 TS007 durability test cycles, these advanced locks undergo more than a million test cycles to ensure that they can stand up to an awful lot more than your average lock!

Ultion locks also carry a 3 Star kitemark and are accredited with Sold Secure Diamond, again outperforming your average 3 star lock and showing your London and Croydon customers that it really is as good as we say, if not better!

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Access All Areas With Ultion Locks

It’s not uncommon for London and Croydon homeowners to have a huge handful of keys attached to a keyring, and it’s not always easy to tell them apart. This means your customers can be stood by the door shuffling through keys trying to find the right one – it’s an all too common everyday annoyance! With the Ultion Locks, you’ll be able to offer your London and Croydon customers the opportunity to eradicate this little everyday hassle from their lives, as they’ll be able to have just one Ultion key, which will open a number of Ultion locks.

Front door, back door, garage door, mum’s house, neighbour’s house – all doors with different locks, but all accessible with the same key, to save everyone who’s a trusted keyholder from carrying around tons of keys all the time! This innovative technology can work with any Ultion lock to have multiple keys in one!

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Security Guarantee

Not only are Ultion locks exceptionally secure, and not only do they carry a number of security accreditations, but Ultion locks also come with a guarantee to give your London and Croydon customers even greater peace of mind.

We offer a £2,000 guarantee on Ultion locks, so in the seriously unlikely event an intruder does break through one and gain access to your customer’s home, they are covered with £2,000 protection. It’s really unlikely they’ll ever need it, but it’s a great reassurance to have just in case!

Why do we offer this guarantee? Because we know that our range of Ultion locks are up to the task and will keep unwanted intruders out, but we also know that London and Croydon homeowners want peace of mind and some security in the highly unlikely case that their locks let them down.

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Smart Ultion Locks

For an extra boost to both the security and convenience of your London, Croydon or Mitcham property, we can even offer Ultion locks with Smart technology, so your customers will be able to control the locks via smartphone for enhanced usage!

The Smart lock can be set up to unlock automatically on approach to the door, without the need to access a key or phone, meaning no more digging around in overfilled bags to find the keys. They’ll also be able to remotely lock the doors, eradicating any “did I remember to lock the doors?” anxieties!

Not only controllable via smartphone, the Smart Ultion lock will also still work with a key or by using the wireless pin pad if you choose to install this option! It can even be operated by voice control if the homeowner’s smartphone allows.

Another bonus of the Smart lock is the ability to send guest keys via smartphone. There’s no requirement for a physical key, so if your customers need someone to pop into the house whilst they’re away, there’s no need to coordinate a time and place to swap keys – just a few taps on the app and they’ll have temporary access!

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Ultion Lock Prices London, Croydon and Mitcham

Protect your property like never before with our range of Ultion locks. You’ll be providing your homeowners with some of the most advanced security out there when you choose our supply only Ultion locks!

Alternatively, if you’ve got a few questions or just want to learn a bit more, get in touch with our friendly expert team today, either by phone or by using our online contact form.

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