Many property owners love the look of traditional wooden windows, and it’s not hard to see why. Natural timber creates an enviable look throughout a home or business, both inside and out. But how much upkeep do they require? Here are our top tips to achieving the timber look without the maintenance.

Importance of Maintenance

We all love choosing products for our property which look great, enhance other features and are practical too. However, while new products are often fresh and sparkling it’s not long before anything from dust, airborne particles and weather conditions start to lessen that ‘brand new’ look. When considering replacement windows and the frame material to opt for, always take into account the amount of time it will take to maintain their look. Timber windows often require more upkeep thanks to the changing nature of wood over time. Those who still have their old wooden fittings may experience issues such as paint cracking or wood warping (which can affect how easy the windows open and close). That’s why many turn to more up to date products when choosing replacements.

Consider Your Property Style

Whether designing a new conservatory or replacing your bay windows at the front of your home, it’s important to find a design which remains in keeping with your property style. So, if you’ve been used to traditional timber windows, don’t just switch to a contemporary style for the sake of modernisation. There are plenty of products which have been designed with heritage features in mind, enhancing the rest of your property while giving each space an updated feel.

Choose a Timber Alternative

There are plenty of ways to create a timber look, such as opting for woodgrain effects when selecting your window frame colours. Another collection giving homeowners more choice is the Timberlook range of flush casement windows. Made from strong, insulating uPVC, they emulate the appearance of timber windows and have even been designed using Article 4 Conservation Area Guidelines. This means those looking for a timber alternative in period properties have a range of products available, suitable for replacing original windows. As uPVC is a durable alternative to timber, you won’t have to waste time sanding, repainting or restoring the windows in the future.

Select Heritage Features

Creating the right look for a property isn’t just about the look of the frames, but those small details which make timber look windows appear as authentic as possible. Consider every part of the window, including how deep you’d like the sills, the joint design and the handles. You could even think about adding astragal or cottage bars to enhance the overall appearance. Preserving these details adds elegant touches throughout your window designs.

Looking for a timber alternative?

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