When planning window and door installations for your clients, you want to know you have everything at hand to provide the best experience for them. One of the most important factors in achieving this is finding a supplier in your area to meet your needs. If you’re having issues with your current supplier or you find deliveries a bit hit and miss, here are some key considerations.

Find out more about the importance of choosing a window & door supplier carefully. Protect your reputation with customers. Choose local South East suppliers. Ask the right questions. Find supply only services for trades now.

Are You Protecting Your Reputation?

Some companies think that as long as they can shift the blame onto another party, it’s not their fault if something goes wrong. Luckily, the majority of trades understand that’s not quite how it works. If a supplier doesn’t deliver on time or the products were faulty when they arrived, your customers are likely to feel let down, and this is what they’ll remember from their experience of working with you. Keeping them informed and providing great customer care will help build a good reputation, but reliability and meeting your promises is going to form the backbone of whether they use your services again or recommend you to others. Ensuring you use a reliable window supplier is one of the keys to protecting your reputation as a business.

Quite often we hear stories from builders where they have been waiting on an order from other suppliers that is either heavily delayed or worse, arrives damaged.  We pride ourselves in going the extra mile and our 24 hour window supply service and 48 hour bifold supply service is another demonstration of how we can help tradesmen retain their reputation with customers by ensuring you can get the job completed on time, every time!

Why Choose Local Window Suppliers?

If you’re based down in Surrey, choosing a supplier at the other end of the country could be risky. One of the benefits of using a local supplier is the fact they’re located nearby should anything go wrong. Their proximity helps you to build up a closer working relationship with them so that you know they can be called upon if you require an express order or there are any issues (which will be rare if they’re reliable). Suppliers in and around your area should also be familiar with the local market, meaning they will hopefully have a wider selection of windows and doors for the type of customers you’re working with. This can help you to offer a variety of products which meet a range of needs such as window styles which are in keeping with local architecture.

Here at Your Price Windows, we supply high-quality double glazing all across Surrey, London and the surrounding areas.  Our strong relationship with our suppliers, such as Origin, allows us to pass on great discounts across our range of window and door products.

What to Ask Your Supplier

Whether it’s a sliding door supplier, roof lanterns or windows you require, there are some questions you can ask potential suppliers which indicate they’re a good choice. Ask them where they get their products from. Some suppliers may even have their own factory which means they have control over some of the manufacturing process and may offer impressive turnarounds. Rather than just focusing on the one product you need, ask about their entire window and door collections so that you know what they supply and the types of products which may be of interest to your customers. Are there both traditional and contemporary styles? Are the designs bespoke? An experienced company will also be able to provide fast replacements if required. Lastly, if they offer competitive quotations and have a good reputation in the area, you may have found an excellent trade supplier.

Looking for a window and door supplier?

At Your Price Windows, we offer specialist supply only services to our trade customers, offering high quality bespoke doors and windows for the trade. We cover a wide area of the South East, including Kent, Surrey, Sussex and London. Call now on 0208 640 0380 for a chat about your requirements.