Why summer is a great time for new windows & doors

Why summer is a great time for new windows & doors

Sometimes it feels like we spend half of the year just waiting for summer to come around. We love the late nights spent in beer gardens, the daytrips to the beach and the smoky smell of barbecues that wafts through the air at the weekend.

We also feel like summer is the ideal time to get things done – we don’t know about you, but the sunshine just motivates us to do all of those things we’ve been putting off and it can often be the most productive of the seasons. With that renewed sense of energy in mind, here’s why we think that summer is the perfect time to get new windows.


Adverse weather conditions such as rain, wind and the cold can be problematic when it comes to window installation. Moisture from snow, rain and ice can prevent strong seals from forming or caulking might not set as well as it should do. Milder conditions can often allow for work to be completed quickly and without issue.


If the sun is shining, then you want to be able to make the most of it, even when you’re indoors! Replace your windows (or increase the number of windows you have) near the start of the summer months and you’ll be able to enjoy a home that’s flooded with natural sunlight – it’ll boost your mood, and sleepy cats or dogs will definitely appreciate the increased number of sun spots for them to snooze in.


Getting new windows is one of the best ways that you can save on your energy bills. Double or even triple glazing will keep the heat in your home, meaning that you won’t be shelling out as much on heating costs. If you replace your windows in the summer months then you’ll be ready to face the colder seasons when they come around.

Of course, summer isn’t the only time that you’re able to replace your windows. A professional team, like the one at Your Price Windows, will be able to undertake the work quickly and efficiently no matter what time of year it is.

If you live in London or the surrounding area and you’re interested in investing in new windows or doors, or are thinking about adding value to your home with a new conservatory, then get in touch with the team at Your Price Windows to find out more about what’s on offer.