The benefits of smart-home heating technology are widely known: it enables you to lower your energy bills; it helps you create a more energy-efficient home; it gives you power over your energy usage, etc. While all this is true, the property needs to have a good standard of energy-efficiency in the first place for the technology to have any benefits in terms of fuel bill reductions and its ability to retain heat. Double glazing, for example, is essential to the creation of a smart home that is warm, comfortable and affordable to manage.

Here’s why.

Install new double glazing for your smart home in Surrey

Smart homes need efficient double glazing

Double glazing lets the smart home shine

Being able to turn on your heating from work via your smartphone is incredibly useful. Not only does it mean that you can return home from work to a beautifully warm house, but it also means that you can do so without having the heating on for hours. But, say your home still has single glazing: you’ll turn on your heating as you get into the car, but by the time you’re back the house hasn’t really heated up as a lot of the warm air has been lost through the inefficient windows! On top of this, when you turn the heating off again, the warmth will soon disappear through the windows, leaving your home chilly and full of cold spots.

This is not so with double glazing: when you turn the property’s heating on from your car on your commute home, it will warm up the house efficiently, and keep it that way for long after you get back. This is because double glazing protects against heat loss, and stops draughts from entering the home. It does this by layering panes of glass with inert gas – the combination of which makes it difficult for thermal energy to pass through. Triple glazing can offer further benefits for homes that are already highly energy-efficient, but if you are just looking for an option to make your home energy-efficient in the first place, then double glazing is ideal.

Double glazing for your home

If your home does not have double glazing, then you could be missing out on significant cost savings on your energy bills. Getting double glazing installed is easy – simply contact a local glazing expert like Your Price Windows, who supply double glazing. Before long, you’ll be enjoying a lovely warm home!

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