When you think about home improvement work on your windows and doors, do you have visions of contractors being in and out of your house for months, only making a little bit of progress with each visit? Well, with a trustworthy glazing company, this isn’t the case. Some companies (like Your Price Windows) can have your new front door – or whichever type of door you need – ready within just five days of you ordering it, meaning it can be delivered and installed within about a week. Before you know it, you’ll be approaching your house and turning the key in your home’s beautiful new front door. Home sweet home, indeed!

How to order a new front door

Start by finding a glazing company that is reliable and trustworthy (look at past customers’ reviews to get an idea of this). There are benefits to choosing a company that manufactures as well as installs the doors, so this is something that you could consider. When you place your order with them, you will need to provide information about the design and customisations that you want, as well as the necessary measurements for the new door.

48-hour express doors

If you need a new front door in a hurry, it is possible to get one made within 48 hours of placing your order. At Your Price Windows, we manufacture all our windows and doors, as well as delivering and installing them, so we can have them with you within just a few days. This is a popular option for both homeowners and people in the trade – and also an ideal option for people whose homes have been broken into and their front doors damaged.

Customising your front door

Whether your new front door is being manufactured for an express delivery or as per the glazing company’s usual schedule, it can be tailored to your preferences in terms of finish. You can choose from composite or uPVC for your front door, and select from a range of finishes including wood grains, bold colours and metallic tones. If you have opted for a bespoke design rather than an express service, then you will have a huge amount of flexibility when it comes to tailoring your front door – including using different types of glass, adding features like letterboxes and spyholes and customising your door’s handle.

Here at Your Price Windows, we offer 48-hour and 5-day express services for your windows and doors, which we manufacture at our factory in south west London. If you need a front door for a property in Sussex, Surrey, London, Kent or Berkshire, just contact us today!