Customised window frames in Surrey

Customised window frames in Surrey

When you’re making improvements to a property or deciding on the finer details of a new build, maintaining the unique character of the existing structure or design is essential. Being able to customise the property’s windows and doors is a really simple way to inject personality into the building and transform the entire property, inside and out, into an individual and attractive home, office or commercial build.

Windows and doors are defining features of any property, so we believe they should be designed with plenty of input from the owner. Whether they wish to modernise their property or enhance its existing features, being able to choose the colour, finish and style of their new bespoke uPVC windows and doors can help property owners achieve the exact look they desire.

Customise your uPVC windows with a choice of colours and finishes

A multitude of exquisite effects can be created with customised uPVC windows. Whether a client is looking for a traditional frame or a more modern design, uPVC windows come in a range of colours and finishes to suit a good variety of property styles. At Trade UPVC, our clients are welcome to choose from classic colours such as white, mahogany and golden oak, and finishes including wood grain and black foil – each of which look truly striking when contrasted with elegant brickwork, slates or stone walls.

Bring your property to life with bespoke doors

Customised doors extend and enhance the effects created by tailored uPVC windows, giving the overall property a neat, refined and personalised look throughout. From bi-fold and French doors to patio and composite styles, beautiful doors play an important role in modern builds – bringing in light, adding colour and framing the property.

At Trade UPVC, we have a range of colour collections for clients to choose from, each conceived to suit different personalities and design styles. From our ‘beach hut collection’, which features calm colours including beige red, distant blue and rock pool, to our vibrant ‘pop art collection’ which includes traffic yellow, Marilyn’s lipstick and mint green, our doors can be fully customised to capture the character of a property and its unique interior design.

We can help you personalise your property

If you want to bring your property to life with customised uPVC windows and doors, contact us at Trade UPVC today. With countless colours and finishes to choose from, and the option of creating your own bespoke design, we’re confident that you’ll be inspired by our incredible range of beautiful windows and doors.