We can supply uPVC windows in 24 hours

We can supply uPVC windows in 24 hours

There are some occasions where waiting days for new windows just isn’t an option: following a break-in or accident in which the glass has been shattered, for example, or when a provider realises they’ve measured the frame incorrectly, meaning their client’s new window doesn’t fit. Strong and secure windows are essential for keeping a property safe – in an emergency, it’s best to use a supplier that can deliver your new windows without delay.

Our 24-hour service is a perfect option

Here at Your Price Windows, our 24-hour express service ensures your uPVC windows and doors are with you within one day, ready to be fitted. This is great because it means you don’t have to pay for temporary solutions while you’re waiting for your new windows to arrive. All of our uPVC windows and doors are made to order by our glazing team in our Mitcham factory, so you can be sure your new product will meet your exact specification.

How to ensure you order the right windows

Whether you need new windows for a domestic or commercial property, getting your order right the first time is important if you are to avoid any unnecessary delays. The window manufacturer will be able to help you with the technical aspects of your project, but it can also be useful to have an idea of the product you’re looking for. Here are some simple ways you can ensure you’re going to be happy with the new windows you receive.

Measure the windows accurately

Windows need to be measured precisely in order to fit properly and be energy efficient. You should use the inside of the frame, conducting three measurements horizontally and three vertically to ensure accuracy. Use the smallest of these when ordering your windows.

Choose what colour you’d like your frames to be

uPVC frames can be customised to suit your property, and come in a range of colours and finishes – here at Your Price Windows, our emergency uPVC frames are available in various shades of grey and silver, and black and white.

Think about whether you want double glazing

As uPVC windows are high performance, they are incredibly energy efficient. You might decide you want to enhance this further and opt for double (or triple) glazing – let your window manufacturer know, and they will be able to advise you.

If you’re looking for new windows in a hurry, contact us at Your Price Windows today. Our 24-hour express service is the perfect option!