The vertical sliding window is a marvel of modern engineering, and it’s been used in our homes for hundreds of years in its timber form. Now, we’re increasingly seeing homeowners looking for replacements as their originals are starting to rot. In the south east of England, we’re proud to be able to offer brand new vertical sliding windows, made here at our factory in Surrey.

So why would you choose this new take on the classic sash window? The answer is simple: we can replicate your original windows almost exactly, while offering you all the benefits of uPVC frames and energy efficient double glazing.

How Our Windows Compare

Original timber sash windows are commonly valued as part of the character of a building. Indeed, many of our customers tolerated draughts, insecure windows and single-glazed units, simply so they could hang on to the original window frames. But over time, timber will always rot, even if it is maintained. Painting and varnishing simply delays the inevitable.

With modern energy efficiency standards becoming ever more valued by buyers, and with an increase in traffic noise and threat of burglary, it simply isn’t acceptable to have windows that jam, let in draughts, or could be forced open. Homeowners need a new solution for period properties, and our modern sash window is it.

The modern alternative offers the same good looks as the originals, with clean lines and all of the same details. Additionally, your windows will have a high quality mechanism that ensures smooth movement up and down, with all the benefits of multipoint locks.

The thermal efficiency of your windows is guaranteed, since we use high quality sealed units that will give your property the benefit for up to an A+ rating. Your windows will even tilt inwards, giving you exceptionally straightforward options when it comes to maintenance. For more examples, take a look at our Residence 9 range.

Exceptional Service

When you buy vertical sliding windows from Your Price Windows, you get the very best in performance and quality at a trade price. In addition, you can also see your windows being made on the premises when you visit our factory for a tour.

We have hundreds of repeat customers from the domestic glazing market, and we also serve thousands of property companies and tradesmen. Our reputation is proof of our attention to detail, and we offer hundreds of colours and other finishes.

Why Make the Change

New windows can add significant value to your home, as well as giving it a fresh and inviting appearance. We’ve hopefully also proven that there are considerable benefits in terms of security, efficiency and noise reduction; in fact, we believe that our windows are the strongest vertical slider you can buy.

Sash windows are known for their great looks and effective ventilation. With the modern vertical sliding window, you don’t need to compromise on any of these factors, and you’ll retain the look and feel of your original windows.