Add bifold doors to your house extension

Add bifold doors to your house extension

Building a house extension is all about creating more room within your home. That’s why go hand in hand with conservatories and extensions: they are perfect for saving space and making your property look light, airy and open. Their tall, glass structure allows natural light to flood into your home, brightening up your room and allowing you to feel closer to your garden and outdoor area, from the warmth and comfort of indoors.

By folding back on themselves, bifold doors require far less floor space than composite doors, and allow you to make the most of your extension. If you want to sit with the doors open, you don’t have to compromise on space – you can just slide them across, put the latch on, and enjoy the refreshing flow of air from outside. You never know, you might be able to fit in that extra sofa or desk after all!

Bifold doors to suit every style of extension

Achieving the right aesthetic and functionality for your extension is important. There are plenty of questions you can ask yourself when deciding what type of bifold doors to choose. Do you want your doors to have two panels, or would eight be more appropriate? Would you rather they opened inwards or outwards? What colour and finish should the frames be, and do you want them to match the rest of your extension?

If you’re looking to achieve a traditional timber-style frame for your bifold doors, then uPVC is great because it can be finished to look like woods such as natural oak, mahogany and walnut. These can look incredible for period property extensions, as they complement the traditional style of the building. The upside of using uPVC rather than real timber is that it requires significantly less maintenance and is more durable – ideal for an extension.

Your doors are as unique as your property

Here at Your Price Windows, our bifold doors can be customised to meet your exact specification. We believe it’s the small details that make the biggest impact: choosing the perfect colour for your door handles, for example, or selecting a frame palette that brings out the tones of the flowers in your garden, or the shade of the tiles on your patio. All our doors are custom-made in our Mitcham-based factory, so you can be sure your bifold doors meet your exact specification.

If you’re thinking of adding bifold doors to your house extension, contact us at Your Price Windows today. We’ll help you find the perfect solution, and advise you on the best ways to keep your new doors looking wonderful.