Keeping an eye on latest window styles trends in LondonWindows can create an entirely new look and feel for your home, helping you maximise light, create exciting features and make the most of your space. As well as all this, the right choice of windows can make your home more energy efficient and add real value to the property. Like any design feature, window trends come and go, but there are consistent trends we’ve seen in and around London that are holding firm.

Connecting the indoors to the outdoors

Outdoor space is at a premium in London, and those who are fortunate to have some, no matter how small, want their windows to make the absolute most of it. For many homeowners, this means opening up key rooms like the kitchen, lounge and dining room so that they connect seamlessly to the outdoors, mainly through the use of large windows and folding doors, such as our wide range of bifold door options. These ‘open walls’ on the exterior of a property offer maximum views and easy access to the garden or terrace area, and it’s a trend that has proven especially popular among families with young children and those who love entertaining.

Large windows reign supreme

In the same vein, large windows continue to be very popular, as homeowners seek to bring as much light as possible into the home. Large windows have become statement features, much like an impressive fireplace or granite worktops. While the London property market moves faster than in most parts of the country, many people are choosing to stay put in their houses, rather than incur the costs and hassle of moving on and up the ladder. This means the ability to adapt a property easily is becoming more and more important. The beauty of large windows is that they provide an instant update and a dramatic change, without the stress and expense of structural building work.

Energy efficiency is a key issue

As we all become more aware of environmental concerns, savvy London homeowners are switching to high-performance windows that offer the very best levels of thermal insulation, whether that means the latest triple glazing or A+ rated double glazing. Not only does this make the home more comfortable and help to lower energy bills, it can also make the home more desirable if you’re looking to sell in the near- or medium-term future. Large windows also feed into this trend since the increased solar gain that comes from letting in more natural light helps to naturally warm the home.

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