There’s a wide range of different hinge types and styles out there, all with their own pros and cons.

One hinge type that offers something a little different and improves performance compared with the classic five knuckle hinge is invisible hinges.

Concealed or invisible hinges are pretty much what it says on the tin – they are hinges that are hidden from sight. This comes with a whole host of benefits, not least the aesthetic appeal of a smooth, seamless-seeming design.

invisible hinges

Hidden Invisible Hinges

It may be obvious, but a key benefit of invisible hinges is that they’re concealed. But why is that a benefit? There are two reasons why this is great, the first being the aesthetic. Removing the hinge from sight means that the door or window profile and design takes the foreground, with nothing to distract from it or break up the style.

Secondly, concealed means you can’t bump, scrape or trip on it. Perfect for clumsy types and kids, and for small spaces where navigation is on the tight side. Preventing stumbles was one of the key inspirations behind the invention of invisible hinges – the inventor quite literally fell into the idea!

Easy to Install, Remove and Repair

Invisible hinges are incredibly simple to install. And they can be easily removed if they need to be, whether it’s for repairs to the hinge, or repairs to the structure the hinge is attached to. Many models won’t even require the use of tools to install!

Maintenance is a snap too, not least because their concealment prevents them from building up dust, so they stay far cleaner for far longer.

Quiet, Self Closing Hinges

The ubiquitous five knuckle hinge needs magnets to keep them closed and require extra add ons to make them self close. Without those add ons, they have a sneaky habit of creeping back open. Not so ideal.

By design, invisible hinges are self closing, without the need for magnets or additional hardware. You can be confident your doors will shut and stay shut when you’ve got invisible hinges.

Even better, self closing hinges are whisper quiet, thanks to also being soft closing. It’s physically impossible to slam a self closing hinged door, so there won’t be any slammed doors anymore. This obviously boosts the lifespan of the door, as there won’t be nearly so much force going through it! The design also makes the casework itself quieter, so you won’t hear a thing when you open or close your doors.

Always Adjustable

Invisible hinges are easy to adjust, both at installation and whilst installed. They offer three dimensions of adjustability for complete control. Horizontal, vertical and depth adjustments mean you can get these invisible hinges lined up perfectly, wherever you need.


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