When it comes to creating a home that looks balanced and in proportion, equal sightlines are a must. They ensure that your windows look uniform and beautifully in line. So, whether you are renovating your home with a new window design or just need to replace worn-out or damaged glazing, here’s why considering equal sightlines for your windows is important.

Window installation essentials - The importance of equal sightlines

What is meant by ‘equal sightlines’?

Equal sightlines are created when each section of a window is balanced and in harmony with the others – basically, that every part of the frames, glass panes and glazing bars is in line. Unequal sightlines are generally created when one window features openings, such as transom windows, while the other windows are fixed. The glass area for the fixed windows is typically larger, which means that the sightline along the top of the window is uneven.

Creating an authentic period appearance

Homes that are built in a Georgian style or that feature leaded windows benefit from equal sightlines as their design is based on symmetry. If a window with square or diamond leading is slightly out of alignment with the one next to it, then this will be immediately obvious! It is also important that the sizes of the squares or diamonds are the same on each window, so as to create a smart, balanced appearance, which a focus on equal sightlines can achieve. In fact, a lot of period properties featured equal sightlines, so this is something to consider if you are looking to achieve an authentic period appearance for your home or business space.

Dummy sashes

Some properties use dummy sashes (also known as dummy vents) to create equal sightlines between the fixed glass panels and the openings. Dummy sashes are made to look like the openings on the windows they are in line with, so that equal sightlines are produced. The overall effect is that each of the windows in the home features a uniform, identical opening.

Vertical equal sightlines

The term ‘equal sightlines’ tends to refer to the horizontal line of a window, but homes can also have vertical equal sightlines. This is where fixed windows are always placed above other fixed windows, and the same for opening windows. By doing so, a sense of balance can be achieved within the design, as the shaping of each set of windows will be the same.

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