Composite doors supplied in Surrey

Composite doors supplied in Surrey

Picture a typical front door. Chances are you’re thinking of a traditional style, with a rectangular frame, multiple panels, a letterbox, knocker and door handle. It might have a wooden finish, or be painted in a particular colour. This is exactly what a typical composite door looks like, except the fact that it’s made from a number of different materials. While many front and back doors are made from oak, uPVC, fibreglass or steel, composite doors use a combination of these materials in order to overcome the individual flaws of each. These energy-efficient and weather-resistant doors are attractive, strong and secure.

What are composite doors made from?

Composite doors consist of a lightweight core – often made from thermally insulating polyurethane foam – with a wooden or metal shell. They might have uPVC outer frames that are strengthened with reinforced galvanised steel, and hardwood inner frames. The doors can be fitted with aluminium low thresholds to ensure easy wheelchair access, and multi-point locks to further enhance the doors’ security capabilities. While property owners can expect to pay more for composite doors than uPVC doors, their strength, quality and energy-efficiency means that the investment could save you money in the long run.

What are the benefits of composite doors?

Different door-making materials have different positives and negatives. While wooden doors look beautiful, they require regular maintenance to keep them in good condition. Steel doors are immensely strong, but are also more expensive and less attractive than other options. UPVC doors are affordable, energy-efficient, low maintenance and durable, but are perhaps not as secure as pure steel doors. Composite doors take the best bits of all of these materials, and provide you with a door that is as attractive as oak or another wood, as strong as steel and as long-lasting, easy to maintain and able to reduce heat loss as uPVC.

Composite doors can be customised to your design

The best thing about composite doors is that they can be fully tailored to your specification. This means that, whether you want a traditional-looking front door, or a more elaborate or contemporary option, the manufacturer can help you achieve your ideal design. Here at Your Price Windows, our composite doors are available in a wide range of colours and finishes, including white, mahogany, golden oak and black foil. If you want glass panels (of any size) in your composite door, this is also possible. You can also choose from handles, accessories and internal beads (which stop the frames from being removed externally).

Here at Your Price Windows, our composite doors are kitemarked, BBA-approved, exceed regulations (including Document L) and have high thermal insulation ratings. Contact us today to find out more.