It’s freezing! If you live in Surrey, Sussex, London, Kent or Berkshire, you’ve probably been feeling the effects of the cold snap recently, with temperatures dipping below 0°C in many parts of the UK, and heaps of snow falling to create beautiful but chilly winter wonderlands. While we expect it to be cold outside in December, we also think that you should be able to come back to a lovely comfortable home to warm up after being outside. This isn’t about having your heating on more – it’s about having energy-efficient windows that enable your home to retain heat for longer, so that you don’t have to rely on central heating as much.

Winter window glazing: how to keep your home warm | Your Price WindowsHow does double glazing keep your home warm?

Installing double glazing is one of the simplest ways to make your property more energy-efficient. The design combines high-quality glass and either air or inert gas (usually argon, xenon or krypton) to stop heat from escaping as rapidly. Double glazing consists of two panes of glass, with a layer of air or gas in between – all secured into a well-sealed unit.

You should immediately notice the difference when switching from single to double glazing, as the layers of glass and gas provide instant insulation. When you put your hand against a single-glazed window in the winter, you will probably notice that the glass is very cold, and that the area around the window is also chilly. You might even feel a draught through the frame. With double glazing, this is not the case: the inner pane of glass will not be icy cold, and you should not feel any uncomfortable cold spots or draughts around the windows.

Do you need double glazing fast?

It’s so important to feel warm in your own home. Sitting in a cold room is incredibly uncomfortable and can make you ill. So, if the temperature’s suddenly dropped and you’ve decided that double glazing is the solution, or your windows have been smashed during a break-in or accident and you need emergency double glazing to stop the cold air flooding in, then being able to get an express double glazing service is ideal. Window suppliers that are also manufacturers, such as Your Price Windows, can provide a 24-hour turnaround for emergency double glazing, so your home could be beautifully warm in the next day or two!

Here at Your Price Windows, we can provide you with high-quality double glazing for your home in Surrey, Sussex, London, Kent or Berkshire – whether you need it at short notice or have a little longer to spend on your windows project. Contact us today to find out more.