When it comes to marketing a property, estate agents know what to emphasise. Space is always important, and so is natural light. As we look towards technologies that make us more energy efficient, we also need to figure out ways to make the most of the natural resources around us. Light is a key consideration.

Floor to ceiling windows have always been a sign of prestige in a property. They can turn a dull, dark space into the home’s focal point. And when you buy from Your Price Windows, you could have the opportunity to see your stunning new windows being made.

Why Full Length?

If you’re researching new doors and windows, you’ll be aware of the popularity of bifold doors. Bifolds allow easy access to a building, but crucially, they also give you a much better view of the great outdoors. That’s one reason why so many hotels and restaurants use them; they help to frame the natural environment and enjoy it as a backdrop for the room.

In the same way, floor to ceiling windows give a room new perspective, and help to unite the interior very strongly with the world outside. Equally, full-length windows can be a huge benefit in rooms that would not get much light otherwise. That includes basement flats and kitchens, which can be utterly transformed when the windows are enlarged and reconfigured.

In addition, your home could benefit from the solar gain of having much more natural sunlight in the home. Our modern, energy efficient glazing helps to let that natural warmth in. The windows can then retain that heat to help reduce your bills.

Our Factory

Your Price Windows owns its own glazing factory, and acts as a supplier to a number of tradesmen in Surrey. We also welcome private customers at our trade counter, and we can offer you bespoke advice on your windows prior to manufacture. If you’re thinking about having full-length windows made, come and see our production line in action.

Having full-length windows made locally makes a great deal of sense, because the windows have a relatively short distance to travel. That cuts costs and fuel consumption, and reduces the likelihood that your windows are going to get damaged on their journey.

Window Options

When we fabricate floor to ceilings, we work to your exact requirements. Every window we make is bespoke, from irregular shapes to arches. So you can tweak our standard design with different options to unleash your creativity.

Choose aluminium frames for minimal clutter, or opt for easy-clean, affordable uPVC. Both materials can be manufactured in just a few weeks, with a range of finishes, colours or wood grain foils on offer.

To find out more about the window styles and customisations we offer, get in touch with our Surrey window factory today. You can even visit us in person and see how your windows are likely to look when they’re delivered to your home for fitting.