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Express Windows Kent

Offering the best speed and quality is something that Your Price Windows takes great pleasure in. We can now deliver excellent uPVC windows to you and your Kent consumers in just 24 hours! We are unrivalled when it comes to express windows! Get in contact with us today to learn more!

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Thermally Efficient 24 Hour uPVC Windows Kent

The best windows in Kent can be delivered in as little as 24 hours. We already have some of the best and highest quality double glazed windows on the market. We manufacture everything ourselves to give us total control over the quality and appearance of the end product.

These premium window profiles can now be delivered quickly! We provide an express window service to match every budget, ranging from our fantastic 24-hour express window service to 5-days for a somewhat longer but more flexible express window service.

If your customers in Kent need replacement windows straight quickly, our 24 hour express windows are the solution!

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Platinum Express Window Service

For the quickest fix in Kent, our platinum express windows are the best of the best.

If you order our platinum service before 11 a.m., the same colour and glass options as our gold express service will be used for your new windows.

Finish your task, including the installation of your windows, in less than 24 hours to become Kent’s fastest installer!

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Gold Express Window Service

The gold standard. With our gold express service, if ordered before 1pm, your new windows can be delivered in just one working day.

You will still have access to all of the colour options for our silver service, but this really speedy service is only available for normal clear glass in order to maintain our incredibly short response times.

For the gold express window service, the following colour choices are available: white, grained anthracite (external and internal), grained anthracite (external) and white (internal), and smooth anthracite (Your Price exclusive).

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Silver Express Window Service

Thanks to our silver express window service, your chosen windows will arrive in just 5 days, ready for installation for your Kent customers!

Even better, you can offer your Kent customers a more flexible and still quick service because this service is available with any form of glazing, including decorative glass!

White, grained anthracite (both inside and outside), smooth anthracite, and grained anthracite (Your Price exclusive).

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24 Hour Express Windows in Kent

Our express window service allows you to receive your windows in Kent the same day. We let you head straight over to your customer and start installing whether it’s an urgent replacement or a particularly picky client! We take care of the supply efficiently so you can work at your own pace without worrying about your suppliers!

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Why go four our Express Replacement uPVC Windows?

Low Maintenance

Traditional wood windows require a lot of maintenance and can rapidly begin to look worn, even without much provocation. The full reverse is true with our minimal maintenance uPVC profiles. These frames are incredibly robust and easy to maintain, so your customers will use them for a very long time. Every time, a quick wipe down with a cloth will suffice.

Thermally Retentive

Making your customer’s home as thermally efficient as feasible has never been more important. Installing thermally retentive uPVC windows will provide your customer the assurance that they have made a wise investment in their home, which is a great way to win their business. By using our expedited windows, your customers can attempt to save spending on growing energy costs.

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The Benefits of Kent 24 Hour Express Windows

Build up Trust

You can easily become Kent locals’ go to installer if you are efficient and trustworthy. Use our accelerated services to ensure that you always have the windows you require in a timely manner that is convenient for you and your Kent clients, and you will help yourself gain the respect and reputation you deserve.

Highly Satisfied Customers

If you were a customer, would you choose the installer with a 6 week lead time to replace a broken window? Or would you favour working with those who can meet a deadline in a day? With our blazing fast supply services, you may always be one step ahead of the competition!

Express Window Prices Kent

Get in touch with our friendly, expert team to discuss which express package is right for you and your Kent job!

Alternatively, head straight on over to our online quoting engine for a tailored, no obligation quote!

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