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Here at Your Price Windows, we pride ourselves on our perfect blend of speed and quality. We can now supply top notch uPVC windows to you and your Brighton customers in just 24 hours! When it comes to express windows, we can’t be beat! Get in touch to find out more today!

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Industry Leading Express Windows in Brighton

Our high quality, high performance double glazed windows are some of the best on the market already. We manufacture everything in house to give us total control on the quality and finish of the end result.

And now, we can offer these top notch window profiles ultra fast too! Whatever your budget, we have an express window service to suit you, ranging from our phenomenal 24 hour express window service, up to 5 days for a slightly longer, but more versatile express window service.

If your Brighton customers are in a hurry, our express windows are the solution you need to deliver high speed replacement windows across Brighton!

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Silver Express Window Service

Our silver express window service means your selected windows will be with you, ready to install for your Brighton customers, in just 5 days!

Even better, this service is available with any kind of glazing, including decorative glass, so you can offer a more versatile and still speedy service to your Brighton customers!

Silver express window service is available in the following colourways: white, grained anthracite (out and in), grained anthracite (out) and white (in), smooth anthracite (Your Price exclusive).

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Gold Express Window Service

The gold medal goes to first place, or number 1, so it’s only fitting that our gold express service gets your windows to you in just 1 working day! (as long as you order by 1pm).

This supremely speedy service is only available for standard clear glass, so that we can ensure our super fast timescales, but you’ll still have all the colour choices of our silver service!

Gold express window service is available in the following colourways: white, grained anthracite (out and in), grained anthracite (out) and white (in), smooth anthracite (Your Price exclusive).

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Platinum Express Window Service

For the best of the best, the solution in a real pinch, our platinum express windows are the ones to choose.

With all the same colour and glass options as our gold express service, when you order before 11am with our platinum service, you get your new windows THE SAME DAY.

Be the fastest installer in Brighton, and see a fully completed installation through in the space of 24 hours, including getting the windows supplied!

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24 Hour Express Service in Brighton

Whether it’s an emergency replacement, or just an ultra demanding customer, with our 24 hour express window service, you can get your windows delivered to you in Brighton same day, allowing you to get right over to your customer and get installing! We take care of the supply super fast, so that you can control the speed at which you work without worrying about your suppliers!

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Features and Benefits of Our uPVC Windows

High Security

We implement high tech security features in the design of all of our uPVC express windows, so that you can guarantee your Brighton customers high levels of security for their homes. uPVC is inherently strong and sturdy, as is the double glazing we use, so you can be confident that these uPVC windows are seriously strong and up to the task!

Low Maintenance

Traditional timber windows are pretty needy when it comes to maintenance, and can start to look a bit run down very quickly, without much provocation. Fortunately, our low maintenance uPVC profiles are very different indeed! They’re easy to keep and highly resistant, so your customers will be enjoying these frames for a very long time indeed! All they’ll ever really need is the odd wipe down with a damn cloth!

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Benefits of Express Window Services in Brighton

Establish Trust With Your Customers

By being a fast and reliable installer, you can quickly become the go-to choice for Brighton homeowners. Help yourself gain the reputation you deserve by using our express services to ensure you can always get the windows you need in a timescale to suit you and your Brighton customers.

Get Ahead of the Competition

If you were a customer, would you choose the installer offering 6 week lead times to replace a broken window? Or would you choose someone who can meet the timescale you want? Get ahead of the competition quite literally with our ultra fast supply services!

Express Window Prices Brighton

Get in touch with our friendly, expert team to discuss which express package is right for you!

Alternatively, head straight on over to our online quoting engine for a free, bespoke quote!

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