Energy Efficiency for Windows & Doors in Surrey

Why A rated windows? Customers demand it to save their bills and the government demands it to save the planet; energy efficiency has always been a key feature of our whole range.

Energy efficiency has become an essential to a general public keen to cut costs and do their bit for the environment, of course it has also become a legal requirement with numerous standards expected of all new installations. At Your Price, efficiency has always been one of our key priorities and our frames have consistently exceeded regulations like Document L, scoring incredibly low U-values when combined with energy efficient glazing.

Exceptional U-value results in excess of Document L
All our products are designed and built to offer thermal insulation in excess of the requirements of Building Regulations Document L. Standard double glazing averages 3 w/m2k, all of our window and door products score below 2 W/m2k and the majority are below 1.9 W/m2k.

Getting the installation right
Of course energy efficiency can be compromised by the quality of installation; it pays in customer satisfaction to offer retail customers a fitting service and we often
help contractors and developers directly in getting a perfect fit by providing a full on site measuring up service.

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How Much Money Can Your Customers Save

Of course U-values mean little to the average consumer, they’re interested in knowing either how much money they can save or how much they’re helping the global warming problem. Fitting our frames with energy efficient glass can reduce the average UK household heating bill by up to £135 a year, and that means up to 720kg less carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. If every home in the UK replaced old windows with our models, the country would save £700m on heating bills every year!

We also provide patio doors, composite doors and bi-fold doors; a solution for any kind of property!

energy efficient double glazing