Over time, our homes need upkeep and repair, from the roof to the pointing between the bricks. The double glazed windows are no exception. If you already have double glazing, can you remember when it was installed? Is it still serving you well, or have you noticed that certain parts are starting to fail?

Ageing, warped or damaged windows can be a gift to malicious onlookers; people who are just waiting for the right moment to force a window open and hop inside. If your windows are in a poor state, replacing them could increase your security.

What Makes a Window Secure?

When we talk about double glazed windows, we’re talking about three component parts, all of which have some influence on the overall security and efficiency of the window.

First, there’s the frame. Regardless of the material it’s made from, the frame should be square, true and strong. Over time, frames are battered by the weather which can cause faults to creep in. Thankfully, modern windows are much better at resisting the effects of strong sun and heavy rain, compared to early double glazed windows, but we do still see poorly fitted frames that warp, split and break.

Second, there’s the actual unit within the window, which consists of two panes of glass held together. If you have any cracks or breaks in the glass, you obviously have a security problem.

Finally, there’s the lock on the window. Not all locks are equal. Old uPVC products came with flimsy handles that often have very poor locks integrated into them. While they offer reasonable security, they are not up to the standard of modern multipoint locking systems.

Increasing Security

Strong, well-made and well-fitted windows form a great defence against burglary. It’s important to get all of the component parts in place.

When you check out windows, make sure you know where they’re being made, and try to see some examples in situ so you understand how the locks work. We have our own double glazing factory, meaning we can demonstrate windows and show the manufacturing process.

Also, choose a reputable installer if you’re buying from a trade counter like ours. Even the best, most efficient and most secure window will be severely compromised by poor quality installation. This can waste your investment, as well as subjecting your family to unnecessary security risks, draughts and noise.

In terms of the actual material you choose, both aluminium and uPVC should be equally secure if you consider all of these points. Just follow basic good practice: don’t leave windows open, lock windows overnight, and always get breakages repaired straight away.

Find Out More

If you’re not sure whether your windows are still secure, or you suspect it’s time for an upgrade, speak to the experts in our Surrey factory today. We can show you some examples of our British made, highly specified double glazing, and demonstrate the security benefits of a complete upgrade and replacement.