Always choose UK double glazing

Always choose UK double glazing

Buying new windows is a considerable expense for any homeowner or facilities manager. When choosing a supplier, you might be comparing a variety of options, including imports from overseas.

However, buying windows within the UK is a good idea. Not only do have legal protection and guarantees, but you can actually visit the factory and see your windows being made.

The Temptation to Import

The vast majority of imported windows come from Scandinavian countries, such as Sweden, or countries elsewhere in the EU such as Germany or Italy. Occasionally, we hear of windows being imported from Pakistan or China.

It’s true that companies overseas can offer a competitive price on paper. However, there are always drawbacks when spending your money outside the UK.

Reasons to be Cautious

There are a number of reasons to be wary of imported windows, including a few key points we’ll summarise here:

  • Cost. On paper, windows that are imported look cheap. But consider the fact that you’ll have to convert the currency once or twice, and the costs become a lot less attractive
  • Delivery. The further your windows travel, the more chance there is of them being damaged.
  • Suppliers. Often, you’ll have to purchase imported windows through a local firm that handles all the payment and logistics. If there’s a problem, will the importer help? Or will you need to take up the issue with a foreign company that may not have a good grasp of English?
  • Tax. Unless you’re a tradesman that’s registered for VAT, you may have to pay taxes and reclaim them yourself.
  • Turnaround. If you need windows quickly, you can basically forget importing as an option. It could take three months for your windows to come. Many Scandinavian factories also take a summer recess, so that can delay things even further.

Sometimes, you will find that your chosen product cannot be imported at all, due to the fact that they’re simply too large.

Double glazing manufacturing in Surrey

Double glazing manufacturing in Surrey

Why Buy British?

Your Price Windows has its own Surrey factory where you can come and watch our manufacturing process. We can make windows to your exact specifications, including bespoke sizes, arches and unusual colours.

In some cases, we can turn around orders within one week. We can even supply windows within 24-hours.

When you buy from us, you benefit from the best trade pricing, as well as the peace of mind that your windows are made to the right specifications. In particular, you should always buy windows that comply with English regulations. Every country has different rules, but we think the English system is the best and most thorough, and it ensures your home will be compliant and safe.

Get in Touch

Buying locally helps to support our economy and creates jobs for skilled window manufacturers. We’re confident that you will enjoy exceptional service when you buy your double glazing from us.

For more information, or a competitive quote, don’t hesitate to contact our sales team now. We’re here to answer your questions when you’re ready to go ahead.