In a recent article by The Telegraph, it was claimed that the enhanced performance of modern windows, and the prevalence of double or triple glazing in homes across the UK, means that ice cream vans are “in steep decline” because “no-one can hear the jingles”. This odd assertion was made by Zelica Carr, chief executive of the Ice Cream Association, with no scientific proof to back it up. Now, while a homeowner’s choice of windows is not likely to be influenced by whether or not their children can hear an ice cream van, we know that glazing suppliers and manufacturers are probably going to be irritated by the article’s claim, which is why we thought it would make a suitable topic for our blog.

Double glazing blocks ice cream van sound

Is double glazing really to blame for dropping ice cream sales?

“People may not hear them”

In the article, Zelica Carr said: “These windows are so thick that people cannot hear [ice cream vans] coming, unless they happen to have opened them first. Even if a van is right outside their house, people may not hear them. The whole point is to soundproof homes and keep them warm, but they are not good for ice cream vans.” She claimed that windows could be blamed for the fact that there are now only 2,500 vans in Britain, compared with 250,000 in the 70s. The article fails to give weight to changes in consumer habits, the fear of childhood obesity and reducing children’s sugar intake, or EU regulations against emissions.

Where’s the proof?

Now, we’d have thought that, if it were hot enough for ice cream vans to be out and about, then homeowners would probably have their windows open anyway – in which case, the level of soundproofing would be irrelevant. Also, the article does not provide any scientific evidence pertaining to decibel levels, or the difference in soundproofing capability between single, double and triple glazing, showing that the article is largely based on speculation.

Double glazing offers unbeatable benefits

The fact that double and triple glazing can soundproof properties efficiently, and keep the heat in during the colder months, is a huge benefit for homeowners and business owners. Double glazing is a cost-effective option for windows – more affordable than triple glazing initially, and hugely effective at helping property owners save money on their energy bills.

Here at Your Price Windows, we do not agree that modern windows are hurting the ice cream van trade. There are a wide range of reasons for its decline. So, we fully recommend continuing to use double glazing within your property! Contact us today to find out more.