There are many ways to tailor the look of your new windows, including coloured frames, their material and the glazing. While many leap straight to a standard handle when designing replacement windows for their home, there’s actually a range of styles to choose from. Those available will depend on the product you’ve selected and what the manufacturer offers as part of their compatible collections, but if there’s a variety available, think about your choice carefully. Here are a few of the handle designs to consider when customising your new windows.

Define the look of your bespoke windows by choosing the right handles. Window handle styles include monkey tail, tear drop & standard designs in a range of colours & finishes. Select matching furniture to complete the look.

Traditional Looking Handles

While coming in a range of colours, traditional handles are sometimes chosen in antique black to remain in keeping with the architecture of the property. Monkey tail handles are popular for their unique appearance, often selected as part of heritage style windows. The end of these handles are coiled (thus the name ‘monkey tail’). They’re found in older, more distinguished properties, so they’re ideal if you’re replacing period home windows or looking to add some character to your property. Also known as ‘pear drop’ handles, tear drop styles have a rounded end rather than the curled shape of monkey tails. This handle design is often chosen for its classic look, bringing a touch of elegance to the inside of your windows. While less common, you may also come across shepherd’s crook handles in which the end ‘hooks’ around to touch the main part of the handle.

Standard Handles

While you may prefer the look of the more contemporary, standard handles designs we see on casement windows, there are still some ways you can customise their look. This includes the colour of the handle which is usually from a palette consisting of shades such as black, white, silver, bronze or gold. You may even have a choice of finishes, from a chrome look to satin effects. This is a great way to enhance the other features you’ve opted for when designing your windows.

Matching Furniture

The finished look of a window isn’t just about the handles but the rest of its furniture too. Each element can be chosen to match, creating a high quality look. Options to consider include the hinges which may also come in a range of styles. If designing traditional looking windows, you could also add a peg stay which can have a monkey tail or tear drop end to match your handles. Peg stays are also practical for keeping a window fastened in place when opened.

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