Installing French doors is a great way to bring in loads of natural light while making your lounge or kitchen–diner look beautiful. French doors act as both windows and doors for ultimate functionality and aesthetic appeal. A huge benefit of custom-made windows and doors is that you can tailor them to your exact preferences, injecting loads of personality into your home and making sure your glazing works for you. Here are just some of the ways you can customise your French doors so that they fit perfectly with your home and style.

French door styles: how to customise your new doors | Your Price WindowsAluminium or uPVC

You can choose from either aluminium or uPVC for the frames of your French doors. There are many benefits to both of these materials, with each offering high levels of security and energy-efficiency, and requiring low levels of maintenance. The material you choose will largely depend on your preference in terms of cost and style. If you would prefer your French doors to have slim frames, for example, then you should opt for aluminium.

Your choice of finish

Aluminium and uPVC can both be finished in a variety of colours, woodgrains and foils to create your desired effect. This is why French doors are suitable for properties of all sorts – from period homes to contemporary houses! Your French doors could be white, mahogany, golden oak, black foil or a bespoke colour from a wide range of beautiful available choices.

Glass options

Your French doors can even be customised in terms of the glass that is used. This is great if you have a particular issue that you need to overcome – such as needing to boost privacy or make the room more soundproof. High-quality double glazing comes as standard for your French doors, but you can customise it with glass options like stained, textured or acoustic.


The handles you choose for your French doors are just as important as the actual doors. You might want to have door handles that blend in seamlessly with the rest of the frame, or you may choose more elaborate designs that nod to the character or period of your property.

Glazing or astragal bars

Many homeowners like to customise their French doors with glazing or astragal bars to add a bit of period charm. While glazing bars need to be manufactured into the glass panels, you can fit astragal bars to your existing French doors to achieve a similar effect. A whole range of different effects can be gained, depending on how large you want the squares to be.

So, there you have it: just some of the ways you can customise your French doors. To find out more about having French doors supplied, contact us today at Your Price Windows. If you’re based in Surrey, Sussex, Kent, Berkshire or London, we’ll be happy to provide you with a free, no-obligation quotation for your beautiful and bespoke new French doors!