What colour would you choose for your window frames?

What colour would you choose for your window frames?

When it’s time to replace your uPVC windows, it’s a chance to reinvigorate your home. There’s no need to stick with the style you had before; you can create your own look and transform the appearance of the property. In fact, investing in windows can be just the thing to rejuvenate a property and give it brand new kerb appeal.

The colour of the windows is a big factor in the way a house looks, and while white uPVC is traditional, it certainly isn’t your only option. Indeed, some properties benefit massively from a different colour uPVC, and a creative colour choice can make a rather plan looking home look positively unique.

Colour options

At Trade uPVC, we have two different categories of uPVC colour options.

The first is our set of standard colours. These are the quickest to make, because they are our most popular colour choices, and we always have them in stock. In this group we have classic white, black foil, and two wood grains: mahogany effect and oak effect. The latter give you the beauty of timber without any of the upkeep or expense.

In addition to these colours, we can also make windows in more than 150 RAL colours. This includes everything from rich navy blues and dark greens through to vivid yellows, reds and oranges. RAL colours are standardised across the entire construction industry, a little like Pantone colours in print. So when you choose a RAL colour, you’ll always get a window that’s a perfect match to the sample.

Extra things to note when choosing your colours

If you want a RAL colour option that is not in our standard range, there are a couple of things to bear in mind.

First of all, RAL colour windows and some foiled windows take longer to make, because they are a partly bespoke product, and not something we make routinely. That means we cannot always provide these windows under our express service. If you need windows quickly, you will need to choose from our range of greys, white or silver tones that can be made in under 7 days.

Secondly, RAL colour windows are more expensive, because of their bespoke nature. There’s an extra process involved in colouring them, and we have to pass on this cost. But we always try to control the final price of your windows, so you get the results you always dreamed of at a price you can afford.

Beautiful uPVC

Some homeowners have become sceptical about uPVC windows, assuming that they will look boxy and unsightly. Old fashioned white uPVC tends to go yellow over time, which hasn’t helped its reputation. But uPVC windows have come on a long way, and they offer fantastic thermal efficiency as well as long-lasting, durable colour.

With our customisation options, you don’t need to limit yourself to white window frames, but you can still enjoy the cost savings of uPVC. Your windows will look good over the long term, and will not degrade, fade or chip.

If you want to upgrade further, ask our team about the benefits of a further upgrade to aluminium windows.