Nowadays, homeowners are spoilt for choice when it comes to finding the perfect windows for their property. From the colour and material of the frames to the shape of the window and the way the unit opens and closes: there is very little that cannot be tweaked and tailored in line with your individual preferences. This is not to mention glazing styles. Whereas once it may have seemed novel just to have double-glazed windows, there is now a multitude of glazing options that homeowners can choose from for each of their rooms. With this in mind, here are some tips on selecting a glazing style for your home’s windows.

Choose the right window style for your Surrey home

Choose the right window style for your home

Is privacy an issue?

One of the biggest considerations when choosing glazing is whether or not you need to take privacy into account. Do you have a lounge or bedroom that is located at street level, or that is overlooked by a neighbour’s house? Is your bathroom on the ground floor? If so, you might like to choose frosted or obscure glass for the windows in these rooms. These types of glass stop people from being able to see into your rooms, without hindering the flow of natural light into the home. They are available in a wide range of styles and textures, depending on the level of privacy you need and the design you’d like for your windows.

Period properties

Unless your home is listed or situated in a conservation area, then it is completely up to you which glazing type you choose for your home. If you live in a period-style home or simply want to enhance the period charm of your property, then you might like to choose glazing options like square leading, diamond leading, Georgian bars or astragal bars. These can add an authentic, elegant finish to period-style windows of all shapes and sizes.

Noisy neighbours

Upgrading single glazing to double glazing will make a huge difference if your home is affected by noise pollution – whether that’s from noisy neighbours, traffic sounds or perhaps a busy restaurant on your street. The air between the two glazing panels stops sound waves from being able to travel through effectively, which dampens the noise and means that you don’t hear it as intensely. You could also opt for acoustic glass, which is a double-glazed unit that is specially designed to prevent sound waves from getting through.

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