Introducing Our New Transom Cleaner – Producing Higher Quality Windows & Doors

At Your Price Windows, we strive to continually improve our products, ensuring our quality control processes are the best they can be. In our double glazing factory, we’ve recently brought in a new machine which is enhancing the quality of the uPVC windows and doors we manufacture. Here’s everything you need to know about our [...]

How to Open Up Your Rooms with Slimline Windows

Property owners always want to know about the best products when replacing their windows. This means finding ones which are high in quality, provide functionality and are in keeping with the style of their home. Whether its coloured window frames or weighing up the uPVC vs aluminium debate, there can seem like endless decisions to [...]

What Are the Best Blinds for Bifolds?

Bifolds aren’t the typical traditional doors you see throughout some homes. Consisting of multiple panels which fold and stack to create wide access points to internal or external areas of the home, they let in maximum light and offer great views of your outside spaces. However, while the beautiful glass panels enhance to look of [...]

**CURRENT WAIT TIME IS 7 DAYS FOR WINDOWS** Can you get a high-quality window in 24 hours?

The short answer is: yes. With Your Price Windows, you can get a high-quality window in 24 hours. This is ideal for trade customers who have been let down by their regular suppliers or who need different-sized windows than the ones they initially ordered. It is also an efficient option for domestic customers who have [...]

The benefits of buying windows from a manufacturer

When you buy windows for your property, you expect them to be exactly as you want them. This is where suppliers that also manufacture come in. If you want your windows (or those of a property you’re managing) to be made to measure, and complete with your choice of glazing type and frame finish, then [...]

Is double glazing hurting the ice cream van industry? The myth exposed

In a recent article by The Telegraph, it was claimed that the enhanced performance of modern windows, and the prevalence of double or triple glazing in homes across the UK, means that ice cream vans are “in steep decline” because “no-one can hear the jingles”. This odd assertion was made by Zelica Carr, chief executive [...]

How to choose a glazing style for your home

Nowadays, homeowners are spoilt for choice when it comes to finding the perfect windows for their property. From the colour and material of the frames to the shape of the window and the way the unit opens and closes: there is very little that cannot be tweaked and tailored in line with your individual preferences. [...]

What are composite windows and are they right for your property?

Do you have composite windows in your home? When it comes to windows, all materials have their merits. Timber window frames are durable and low maintenance as well as aesthetically pleasing, plastic is affordable, and aluminium is a strong material, offering robust protection to window frames no matter the [...]

Supplying Double Glazing to Local Councils

Since the second World War, the UK has benefitted from a wide range of council housing. Some of these properties have now been sold off, but many still serve the community in the south east of England. For district and borough councils, maintaining these ageing houses can consume huge resource. As well as supplying private [...]