What Coloured Window Frames Will Suit Your Home?

New windows look great in any home with so many designs available that you can choose an exact style to complement your property’s features. Once they’ve found the right design, homeowners often feel overwhelmed when they realise just how bespoke windows can be, from selecting opening configurations to choosing matching hardware. One of the main [...]

Blending a traditional property with contemporary windows

Some of the most glorious property designs come about when old meets new. Rustic 18th-century barns – complete with stone walls, low beams and farmyard surroundings – can be given a new lease of life when converted into living spaces and complemented with large floor-to-ceiling windows (and often gable windows in the roof) that let [...]

Matching window styles for a house extension – why is this important?

When building a new extension, there are many factors to consider, from choosing the right contractor to dealing with planning permission and building regulations. Thinking about windows may not be very high on your agenda, or may not even feature on your to-do list at all. But it’s something that needs careful consideration, because the [...]

How is gentrification changing our window habits?

Gentrification is taking place all across London, Surrey, Essex and Kent, and turning run-down areas into vibrant, attractive and smart residential spots. Just look at Hackney: the once bleak working-class North East London borough has seen a dizzying transformation in the past few years, with independent coffee shops, cocktail bars and gastropubs popping up in [...]