Glass Door Blinds

Glass doors are great for letting in natural light, and if you want to control the amount of light entering your home, then fitting glass blinds is the perfect option. If the sun is too strong and you’re getting dazzled by the glare, simply pull the blinds for instant relief. If it’s getting dark or you want to relax in your home without people looking in, blinds will give you privacy. Modern glass blinds offer convenience, safety and a sense of security, without compromising on the beautiful aesthetic of your home.

Here at Your Price Windows, our blinds can be fitted externally or internally, and either built in during the manufacturing process or retrofitted. Our glass blinds are bespoke, and can be fully tailored to meet the needs of a property and its occupants. Whether you’re looking for glass blinds for glass doors, conservatories or windows, we can help.

Internal blinds

Having your blinds fitted internally is an excellent way to ensure your glass doors look smart and attractive, as well as keeping your blinds effortlessly clean. Our blinds are built into the cavity between the glazing as they’re being manufactured, though we can also retrofit blinds if you need a solution for your existing doors. We offer two main types of internal blinds: magnetic or pulley operated.

Magnetic internal blinds

Our intelligent system features two magnets: one that lifts and lowers the blinds, and one that prompts the individual slats to oscillate. It works exceptionally well with pleated blinds, as you can easily control how much light is coming in.

If you’re not sure what type of blinds to choose, contact us at Your Price Windows today. Our expert team will help you find an ideal solution.