Security is a top priority for homeowners who want to ensure both their possessions and family are kept safe. However, many put up with old fixtures and fittings which could be leaving their home vulnerable to intruders, increasing the risk of burglaries. But did you know that modern windows and doors are made with some of the best security features available? Homeowners across the nation are choosing to replace their windows and doors with products which not only prevent crime but give them the peace of mind they’re safe in their own home.

Let’s take a look at some of the choices on offer.   

Secure windows & doors - ensure your home isn’t vulnerable to theftHigh Security Features

Secure windows are something which many homeowners are more relaxed about than doors, thinking that if their front door is locked, an attempted intruder won’t try their windows too.  However, it’s just as important to choose high-quality windows for your home, made using state of the art designs which guarantee maximum performance should anyone attempt to break in through them. The Government’s Approved Document Q covers the building regulations for dwellings in England which means that windows and doors must comply with this security legislation. Each product must stand up to rigorous testing in order to guarantee your home is kept as secure as possible.

Windows: The SAC Shootbolt System

One of the advanced features which give many windows such great security, as well as ensuring they’re flexible and adaptable is the SAC shootbolt system. This renowned security system has a unique design to provide homes with maximum protection. It involves multi-point locking in which shootbolts are strategically placed wherever double glazed windows are traditionally more vulnerable. This provides 400% more shootbolt contact than conventional models. Without this technology, experienced burglars will know which spots of your window to target and have a chance of successfully gaining entry with the right know-how. They also work to take pressure away from the hinges, helping to prolong the life of your windows. Moreover, the system comes with a Progress Plus anti-break guarantee.

PAS24 Doors

If you want to know your new doors are ones which have been tested and assessed against some of the highest security performance criteria, look for those which hold the PAS24 certification. This system has been specifically designed to protect doors from break-ins attempted by opportunistic thieves. If you choose a door which has gone through the comprehensive testing procedures, any vulnerabilities should’ve been highlighted at this stage. Tests involve attempts of lock and hinge manipulation, manual cutting, nail bar pressures, removal of security devices, impact testing (including the use of physically kicking the door and using a sledgehammer) and attacks against the hardware. As you can tell, pretty thorough testing!

Want to know your home is as secure as possible?

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