Roof lanterns are a great addition to any home, transforming any area from a kitchen extension to a new orangery. When thinking about the design you want, one of the decisions you need to make is the frame material which will provide the look and function you want for the space. Aluminium is the most popular option thanks to the array of benefits it has to offer. Here are just a few of them.

Roof lantern installation in a Kew home extension | Your Price WindowsSlimline Frames

The explosion of aluminium in the windows and doors industry has been down to the fact that it delivers some of the slimmest frames available. Far from being a weaker product as a result, aluminium’s strength means its more durable, reducing bulky frames for a more attractive looking appearance. They often become quite a feature in the space.


When installing a roof lantern, one of the key advantages homes and businesses find is the beautiful views they create of the skies above. This doesn’t just mean benefitting from the view of a gorgeous blue sky and clouds overhead as you cook, entertain or relax but extends to evenings too with aerial shots of the stars overhead. Aluminium frames help you to enhance these views by ensuring sightlines are as narrow as possible.


When building a conservatory or extension, it can be a worry for many that the additional space may reduce the amount of light passing into their home. The truth is actually the opposite, with an aluminium roof lantern having the strength and resilience to hold some of the largest panes of glass on the market. This means letting in as much light from above as possible, in addition to the windows and doors you install. This creates a warm and welcoming space within your home or business.  A recent installation of a Stratus Rooflight in Kew helped increase the light-flow into the new extension.


Aluminium has one of the broadest choices when it comes to customisation, meaning that you’ll have more colours and finishing effects to choose from than with some other materials. This allows you to create the look you want, whether it’s traditional looking frames in keeping with the heritage features of your property or a contemporary style to update the aesthetics of your home. In fact, aluminium frames create a high end look, adding a sense of luxury to any room where they’re installed.


Far from just looking great, aluminium adds more functionality to your roof lanterns. For example, the frames are compatible with a range of glazing options, including blue and clear tint glass, as well as low u-values to ensure your home remains energy efficient. Aluminium is one of the lowest maintenance materials available, so you should be able to easily maintain the look of your roof lantern.

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