We offer a 24 hour super express window service

We offer a 24 hour super express window service

Normally, homeowners put weeks of thought and planning into their brand new windows and doors. But there are a few situations where this isn’t possible. In some cases, you need windows straight away – within a week, or even sooner.

Many double glazing companies simply can’t provide this kind of service. They work to longer lead times, and process orders in the sequence that they originally arrived in. But we’re different: we have our own double glazing factory right here in Surrey, so we’re flexible enough to meet urgent orders. Many tradesmen consider us the go-to company for 24-hour double glazing.

Why Use Our Express Service?

In the sad event that your property is broken into, you’ll need a new window quickly. It’s bad enough to have suffered a burglary, but you’ll also want reassurance that your property is secure so that lightning doesn’t strike twice. Having your windows replaced in 24 hours will ensure your home is warm and dry, and there are no vulnerable points in the property where an intruder could strike again.

There are other situations where you might find yourself needing 24-hour window delivery. We sometimes hear about clients who have ordered new windows, only to find that one of them is damaged during delivery. With our service, you can get a replacement straight away, while you want for a refund from your original supplier.

How it Works

If you need windows or doors quickly, contact us immediately on our sales hotline. Explain the situation, and we’ll send someone out to measure up. Our team will get to work making your glazing products, and we’ll arrange to bring them the next day.

If the situation isn’t quite as urgent, we offer a 5-day express service, too. This can be handy if you need a fast turnaround to stay on track during a construction project, or if a supplier lets you down at the last minute. Again, just give us a call, explain you need windows within a week, and we’ll send someone out to do the measurements.

What’s Available?

Generally speaking, we offer 24-hour double glazing for our standard colours only. Unless you’ve got a very unusual colour frame, you shouldn’t need to worry about this at all.

Our standard range includes three different greys, two metallic silvers, jet black, and white. The vast majority of clients have windows made in these colours, so it’s very rare we can’t fulfil an emergency order.

Get Help Fast

You never know when disaster will strike. Whether one of the kids puts a cricket ball through the window, or your new door turns out to be an inch too narrow, don’t panic. We’re here to get you warm and secure with our express window delivery and manufacture.

Need emergency window makers in Surrey? In need for 24-hour double glazing delivery? Your Price Windows can help. Give us a call on 020 8640 0380 today, and we’ll get your order into production as soon as possible.